JumpStart Genius® is designed for law students and attorneys who are planning to start their law firms and for attorneys who want to better manage their law firms. JumpStart Genius® is also being used by law professors to supplement their law practice management courses thereby making time to conduct practical exercises during class time.
We have gathered a Team of experts who teach Law Practice Management topics to attorneys and law students across the country. We have created JumpStart Genius® not as a book, presentation, or set of articles, but as Software that interacts with you. So as you learn about different topics you actually begin making the decisions, conducting research for your practice, and documenting your decisions as you work through each module.
JumpStart Genius® is billed on an annual license model. This way you won’t have to be bothered with monthly or quarterly payments.
The system will automatically notify you that your license is ready to expire. This notification will happen when you log in to JumpStart Genius® and we will also send you e-mails to let you know your renewal options.
Yes! We have designed the JumpStart Genius® Dashboard to help you track your law firm metrics. So after you have set your goals in JumpStart Genius® and launched your firm, then you report back into JumpStart Genius® to keep track of how you are doing, such as quarter 1 gross revenues, etc. Look for increased functionality of the Dashboard in V2.
No. If you are highly motivated to start or improve your law firm, you could work through each module of JumpStart Genius® within a one or two week free trial. We want you to be inspired and motivated to work through our modules, and we also want to be paid for creating JumpStart Genius® for you.
We care about your duties of confidentiality to your client. JumpStart Genius® is not a case management or client management software. So you do not enter any of your confidential client information into JumpStart Genius®. You do enter financial information about your law firm, such as gross revenues. We understand that your law firm financial information is confidential to you and we take steps to protect your law firm data. See our Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Practices for more details.
We are a legal tech start-up, started by one attorney who is passionate about law practice management. See Company Story. We do not have a huge budget and we are trying to keep our pricing reasonable because we know that our customers do not have tons of money either. Yes, you can trust us. See the Team of experts that founder Carolyn Dillinger has gathered. Our company budget will grow as will our customer support. We have a quality product and are passionate about Implementing Your Success®.
Yes. We are continuing to develop JumpStart Genius® by adding important sections, adding experts to our Team, making the modules more interactive, and adding trending sections. We want you to have the latest version of JumpStart Genius®. When we roll out our latest version, all current subscribers will automatically have access to the latest version of JumpStart Genius®.