Steve Harris, Ph.D

Dr. Stephen Harris is a licensed psychologist and marriage and family therapist. He has taught as an adjunct professor at Fuller Graduate School of Psychology and at Azusa Pacific University. Dr. Harris brings over thirty years of experience counseling to help the attorneys through JumpStart Genius. This may seem like an ancillary issue, but with certain statistics showing that over twenty-five percent of attorneys nationwide experience mental illness during their lifetime, this is a significant issue to our profession and to you.

By taking a look at certain issues that we will likely deal with (stress, workload, family obligations, just to name a few) Dr. Harris can help us to set boundaries and to take preventive measures to protect ourselves and our family relationships from the very beginning.
Fuller Graduate School of Psychology (1981)
Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology

Fuller Theological Seminary (1980)
Masters of Arts in Theology

Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma Washington (1976)
Bachelor’s degree, major in Psychology

honormagna cum laude

Fuller Graduate School of Psychology

Adjunct Professor, Marriage and Family Departments

Azusa Pacific University

Adjunct Professor, Marriage and Family Departments
State of California: Marriage and Family Therapist (May 1982)
State of California: Psychologist (Jan 1983)
Level 2 T.E.A.M. certified (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy of David Burns)
Level 2 Eye movement, Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)
Level 2 in Thought Field Therapy
Level 1 in Comprehensive Energy Psychology
Senior Screener for Irlen Syndrome
(aka Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome): a visual-perceptual disorder caused by sensitivity to light, especially fluorescent light
Diplomate and Fellow, Prescribing Psychologist Register (i.e. an organization training psychologists to become medication prescribers once the state law allows this within our licensure)
Dr. Harris has given numerous presentations on the following topics
  • Discipline of Children
  • Dealing with special needs children (e.g., ADHD, “the Spirited Child”, “Stressed Out Children”, Learning Disabled child)
  • Marital Conflicts and Communication
  • Communicating Better with your children; communication skills with your spouse
  • Trainer for Growing Kids God’s Way
  • How our Temperament Affects our Relationships
  • Dealing with Stress
Marital Therapy
Family Therapy
Sexual Addiction in Men
Trauma related therapy issues (e.g., severe abuse backgrounds, rape, witness to tragedies)
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with Adolescents and Adults (e.g. issues would include: mood disorders, anxiety, anger, relationship issues, habit disorders)
Child Psychotherapy
Psychotherapy with a Christian population