Mission Statement

At InnovPro Solutions, Inc.® we provide software tools to help attorneys serve their clients ethically and efficiently.
We desire to help attorneys earn a profit, serve their clients with integrity, and have a healthy personal and family life.

Our Passion is implementing your success.


Company Story

Carolyn Dillinger has been an entrepreneur for most of her life. As a child she and her sister and their mom made big batches of delicious homemade cookies every Thursday afternoon and sold them in front of the post office on Friday mornings – until the health department shut them down for not having proper licenses. She babysat for neighbors, collected recyclables, and cleaned houses. She’s had more than her share of zany ideas to help others and earn some money.

After graduating from Vanguard University at the age of 19, graduating from law school at the age of 22, then passing the CA bar exam that same year, she started her own law firm. Carolyn began working in practice management from the very beginning. She served the Orange County Bar Association’s Solo/Small Firm Section as an officer and eventually as its Chair. Later she served three years on the executive committee of the State Bar of California Section of Law Practice Management and Technology.

In August of 2010, Carolyn had an idea. She had been to CLE presentations and heard speakers tell the audience how to prepare for business succession, including gathering 3 years of tax returns, etc. She knew that when she got back to her office she’d put down her notes with its list of action items, and she’d return the next client call and complete the next client project. There had to be a better way.

Carolyn thought there should be a software system that interacted with the attorney user, to gather the important information, to prepare for the succession plan. So she developed software to help attorneys with business succession planning.She worked with a business and branding consultant and continued to refine the content while beginning to build out the content of the software product. Then Carolyn brought on a few minority shareholders which gave her additional working capital, accountability, and encouragement to keep the project moving. After developing much of the content for the business succession planning software, her board decided the best debut product for to launch was  

Building a product

In the Fall of 2014 Carolyn finally had the right programming team to build   
Carolyn gathered a team of Law Practice Management experts and worked tirelessly to develop the content for JumpStart Genius® Version 1.

First Sale

On November 26, 2014, the day before Thanksgiving, Carolyn met with the faculty dean at Western State College of Law and sold the first JumpStart Genius® license. The law school is using JumpStart Genius® in its Law Practice Management Course in the spring 2015 semester.

Gaining Traction

Now that JumpStart Genius® Version 1 is developed, the fun begins. We get to spread the word to help others start, grow, and manage their law firms. We’re working on Version 2 with improved functionality, increased content, and more visual appeal.

We look forward to hearing from you, collaborating with you to help attorneys serve their clients with integrity, earn a profit, and have a healthy personal and family life. At JumpStart Genius® Our Passion is Implementing Your Success®.